Tibetan beads bracelet

Price : 22.50 €

Original bracelet, composed of small pearls in natural turquoise diam. 4mm embellished with cylindrical golden metal beads. Closed by a sliding knot in waxed rope, to allow you to close it to the size of your wrist. In lithotherapy, turquoise is a sacred stone. This belief comes in particular from its ability to drive out negative energies to then convert then into positive ones. Bracelet dimensions flat 17.5cm

OM Amazonite bracelet

Price : 27.50 €

Very nice bracelet with the Om symbol in gold metal, and pretty natural stone beads: turquoise amazonite, braided on a waxed brown cord, closed with a sliding knot. Amazonite gives you the wearer the feeling of happiness, calmness, softness. Pearls diam: 4mm, bracelet length 17 cm closed to its maximum and being able to open up to 25cm. Having an OM symbol in your house or wearing it brings positive energy.

Lava stone bracelet

Price : 21.00 €

Bracelet in small black lava stones. Energy rooting factor of fire and mother earth contained in this frozen lava make it a rooting vector. Brings courage, self-confidence. You can also put a few drops of essential oil on this stone, to wear your favorite scent. Small black stones of 4mm and 2 golden stones of 2mm mounted on a brown waxed cord close by a sliding knot, 25cm in length open to its maximum.

Jaspe bracelet/Tree of life.

Price : 24.50 €

Very beautiful bracelet in natural Jasper stone in a gradient of gray green to moss green. Beads of 4mm in diameter. braided on a golden cord closed by a sliding knot, to adjust it to your wrist. Jasper helps to orient on the right path, improves self-confidence. The tree of life is a symbol of strength, energy, wisdom and eternity.

Dried flower pendant

Price : 19.50 €

I love you, a little, a lot, passionately, madly …. Very beautiful poetic medallion, with dried dandelion flowers, … make a wish. Golden metal strapping, and glass. Brown cord 55cm long

OM leather bracelet

Price : 21.00 €

Leather bracelet for men or women. With 2 black rope braids, wood and silver metal beads and an old yellow and black metallic OM. The symbol OM is sacred syllable, this vibration represents the universal sound of the entire creation.

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