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Delhi Délice

Delhi Delice is the authentic Indian restaurant in Aix en Provence. It is a family owned restaurant run by the couple Shahnawaz and Dominique offering the best of Indian Cuisine in Provence Alps Cote d'Azur.

Chef Shahnawaz has previously worked in various restaurants around the world including the famous Bukhara restaurant in the Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi before settling down in the South of France.

Inspired by Delhi, Delhi Delice offers the best of cuisine of northern India. Delhi has been the melting point of different cultures for centuries. It has been enriched by the diversity and evolved a distinct culture of its  own. The various influences are come together in the cuisine of Delhi. The by-lanes of Delhi offer an assortment of street food and on the other hand the smart restaurants offer fine dining experience.

DelhiDelice offers the best of Delhi in the South of France. The menu has been carefully selected to cater to different palates and preferences and reflects the diversity of Delhi. We celebrate the food of Delhi.

You can find us in Aix city center at the following address:

22, Rue Felibre Gaut
Aix en Provence

For reservation enquiries please contact us at :


alternatively you can e-mail us at

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